Return of the goods

01. it is your responsibility to inspect the product carefully when receiving the goods. If the product is damaged, you have the right to reject it.

02. we do not refuse to return products just because you have already opened them, however, you should comply with the return standards set out below, including keeping and returning opened packages.

03. all refunds will be refunded according to the original payment path.

04. it will take up to 7 days after we receive your return and required information to process the refund.

05. online promotional discounts apply and count against all eligible purchases. If you return part of the product, you will lose part of the discount amount.

06. if you need to return the gift, please contact our online customer service.

07. items purchased in any retail store should be returned at the retail store where the item is sold.

08. need help with returns? Please contact our online customer service.

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